About Darul Uloom Asadia

Needs Of Madrasa
Needs Amount (Rs.) Size
10 Rooms For Students 45,00,00 25X18
5 Arabic Classes 25,50,000 25 x 20
5 Classes For Primary 25,00,000 25 x 20
5 Diniyat For Students 15,00,000 25 x 15
Minar Of Masjid 2,50,000 2
Head Office 2,50,000 25 x 25
Dinning Hall 6,00,000 50 x 50
Store Room 6,25,000 25 x 25
Fund Of Makatib 1,00,000  
Study Room 10,00,000 40 X 25
Bathrooms & Toilets 3,00,000 20

Departments of education

The academic system of the Madrasa comprises Nine department of which each one has a number of classes under it. It should be noted that the academic system of the Madrasa has been running from the very first day under the supervision of the expert of Darul Uloom Deoband and Mazahir-Ul-Uloom Saharanpur. And by the grace of Allah on different occasions these elders with all their engagements keep on visiting the Madrasa, examining the system and making reformations if needed.
Outlining of the educational departments.

  1. Primary Classes (Quran Kremm Nazra)
  2. Classes of Hifz (Learning by heart with Tajveed)
  3. Tajveed and Qirat (Urdu hafs, two years)
  4. Urdu ( To the fifths class)
  5. Persian (Gulsitan)
  6. Arabic (To the fifth year according to the syllabus of Darul Uloom Deband)
  7. Modern Education Primary Hindi, English and Computer training.
  8. Darul Ifta.
  9. Shuba Tanzeem & Taraqqi.

The able teachers have been appointed to perform academic activities in the best manner in all the above departments.
Madrasa Darul Uloom was founded at village Ekkar Khurd in Distt. Haridwar after the Partition of 1947, when the Muslims in this region suffered from too much loss of life and property. And there was no Institute or organization to take responsibility of educating Muslims and protecting their Faith in this area. Even today there is a large number of such villages wherein there is no arrangement for education and Namaz. Madrasa Darul-Ul-Uloom Asadia came into existence not only as a Madrasa but also as a movement whose purpose was to serve Muslims here religiously and socially. In this scenario the managing body of the Madrasa made a plan following which they established makatibs and made arrangement for Namaz wherever it was deemed necessary. By the grace of Allah this plan is still going on. All the Muslims benevolent and conscious of the needs of Islam are requested to take part in this movement with their financial assistance so that it might reach completion in the shortest possible time. A pictorial introduction of places and village wherein this movement has got success is being presented before you. We hope you would give us courage and morale.

Bank Details

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